Let's Explore Thorougly the Popular Cross-Border e-Commerce Wholesale Outlet

Lightinthebox is probably the most widely used China-based bulk shopping distributors at present. Goods are acquired directly from manufacturers, and are only included into the catalogue after a quality assuring process. To help individuals have a far better awareness of the shop, we've done a good deal of research to explore the wholesale shopping website and below will show the fundamental specifics we have observed with regards to LightInTheBox. Just read our Lightinthebox review to discover much more about the store.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Lightinthebox was built in '06 by Qiji Guo, the previous CSO of Google China. Scarcely in one year, its wonderful market orientating, running mode, as well as management group drew top venture capitals. Having two branches in Shenzhen and Suzhou, the store has an outstanding coverage of the big producing locations in China. Nearing to manufacturers is very important since it makes simpler the verification procedure and also hastens the shipping of merchandise.

Lightinthebox is a reliable and professional Chinese wholesale shopping internet site where international buyers can acquire wholesale products and have them dropshipped to any place on the earth. There's no minimum order constraint, so all of the goods are suitable for both resellers planning to raise margins and individual customers who want to lower cost on their shopping.

The operating style of Lightinthebox is totally different from AliExpress marketplace. The shop itself is the vendor who provides merchandise like: Mobile devices, Wedding Supplies, Electronic items, Pcs instead of a wholesale dealing base delivering customers item info and additional services.

To put it briefly, there exists just one seller on Lightinthebox.com. That implies you, the global buyers, are trading directly with them, who can be completely accountable for the products and everything relevant including on-line aid, shipment, post-sales service, and so on, that is the key reason why you'll find so many nice feedback about the shop.

One other interesting service should be wedding gown customized making. Wedding party as well as special occasion apparel are one of the most mature catalogs on the site. You can personalize the attire fabrics, size or design whilst still enjoying a competitive pricing.

A number of customers might question: is Lightinthebox scam a true fact? The answer is easy: No. It's an honest web-based shop which want to earn cash and meet the needs of customers instead of cheating on them. However, keep in mind when you buy from China, it is better to be careful and use payment methods that give extra protection measures for purchasers, including Paypal. In cases where things become really bad, you can resort to your Credit Card company and request a charge-back.

During the last years since it was established, Lightinthebox has built a large buyer base around the world and at the same time its popularity keeps growing fast among international purchasers. Through providing good quality products along with decent services, the Chinese web-based store appears to have a tremendous goal to master the international on-line shopping arena. Can Lightinthebox accomplish its vision? Let's wait and see!

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